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Beginner drum lessons and what to my drum lessons hove "beginner course" pdf

Hi guys,

I have written up a beginner course pdf for all the beginner drummers out there, it focuses on lots of important aspects of beginner drumming to get you playing musical rhythms right out of the box.

The document does require some drum notation knowledge but to understand the basics of it will only take a lesson or two so please get in touch if you are in need of some drum theory help. Learning to read music will help you to self learn on your journey of drumming as you can understand music without a need for demonstration or an audio reference.

This free beginner drummer course will give you the tools to play along to hundreds of songs that you love.

Please go ahead and download the course and enjoy your journey.

thank you so much,


Drum Lessons Hove

beginner course doc
Download DOCX • 925KB


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